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What’s in a name Amaryllis, Amarillis, Amarylis, Amaryllus, Amaryllises!

Amaryllis or as it is officially named “Hippeastrum”! For convenience, we will keep it in general usage and talk about the Amaryllis. What we noticed is that Amaryllis quite often written in different ways. What we noticed is that Amaryllis quite often written in different ways: Amarillis, Amaryllus, Amaryllises, Amaryllids, Amarilis, Amarilidaceae, Amarylis to name a few.

Amaryllis stands for pride and bewitching beauty.

Of course we also have Amaryllis lovers among us who it differently name the Amaryllis, like: Belladonna, Christmas flowers, Christmas bulb, Hippeastrum, Holiday flower / Amaryllis, amaryllidaceae Hippeastrum Hybrids.

The symbolism of Amaryllis

In the Greek mythology there is a story about a highly sensitive girl named Amaryllis. On a day when she was picking flowers, she met the shepherd Altea and fell in love. But Alteo did not have any attention for girls, he only loved flowers. He often said: “Only those who can give me a new flower, I give my love.”


Amaryllis was desperate and turned to the Oracle Delphi. There she was told to take an arrow and wounding herself with it for Alteo’s door, where she had to express her declaration of love for him. And if necessary, it also had to be repeated the next evenings. Amaryllis did what the oracle had told her, and when the first evening, the clock hit 12, she determined wounded her chest and heart. It was as if life flowed from her, when she’s before Alteo door loudly shouted his name and declared that her life was connected to his. Unfortunately, continued her action to no avail.

The next evening the whole scene repeated itself. The subsequent evening again. Thirty long nights flowed blood drops for Alteo’s door until a miracle happened. At the spot where the blood drops had fallen, grew a big red flower with a wide open calyx. “Alteo, AIteo, there is the flower” shouted Amaryllis excitedly. Alteo saw the fragile girl with heavy thick flower stalk in her hands, where the fiery red unknown flower of love flourished.
The shepherd knelt before her and they kissed for the first time. Naturally, the new flower was named Amaryllis.