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What do you know about the Wax Amaryllis

No water flowers, unique, easy and beautiful !
Artistically eye-catching, the Amaryllis bulb with a creative Wax layer. Ready to use. The bulb flowers without water. Great to give, nice to have!

What’s so special about the Wax Amaryllis

Nowadays there are even amaryllis bulbs with special, brightly colored or Christmas-shiny layer of wax available.

The wax finish is applied by hand to specially selected Amaryllis bulbs or actually Hippeastrum bulbs, which have been grown to have enough energy stored so the flower will grow without conventional feeding provided by water and soil. With the metal or on wood support it can be placed easily and ready to use on your table or windowsill.
The possibility of use are endless and they are adaptable to design ideas that could never have been considered before.
So just enjoy this easy beauty. The bulb flowers without water and within six to ten weeks.

Create the perfect Christmas table with the “no water amaryllis”

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to really let your imagination run wild when it comes to styling. Naturally, you want to complement your carefully prepared Christmas dinner with an atmospherically dressed table. A few candles, grouped several “No Water amaryllis” with special Christmas wax and luxurious tableware will soon create a lovely scene.

More Christmas table tips:

Care instructions

No care needed, just enjoy!
No water flowers says it all. You don’t have to take care at all!

Just place your No water flowers® in your house or office and enjoy your beautiful bulb and after a few week also the beautiful flowers.

Frequently ask Questions

Will it bloom again?
Because a lot of energy is used to let the No Water Flowers® grow, there is a little change that the bulb will grow again. It is possible, when the waxz layer is taken off, to put the bulb into the ground. This way it can get new nutritions and may bloom again.
How does it work?
No Water Flowers® are carefully selected bulbs that meets high requirements. The bulbs are always flowering and grow in the right proportion. The bulb has enough energy to make the flower grow, so NO WATER is needed.

Source and picture credits: Vreugdenhil Bulbs & Plants