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The perfect flower for every mood

The amaryllis is the festive flower par excellence. With its enchanting beauty it can be very successfully styled to suit the required mood. And don’t just think of extravagant red amaryllises; restrained white amaryllises, for instance, also look beautiful. We’re happy to give you some inspiration.

The amaryllis: festive flower par excellence

The chic amaryllis

This month is bursting with festivities, glitter and glamour – and that definitely doesn’t need to be confined to your clothes and hairstyle. Put the spotlight on your flowers as well with a fantastic creation like this. Here the amaryllis looks chic in copper, don’t you think?

The ‘simple’ amaryllis

If you prefer simplicity, then try the amaryllis in calm shades. With its restrained feel you can easily create an ‘eco luxe’ party mood. Place this arrangement on your dining table, for example, and it immediately exudes stylish class.

A ‘white Christmas’ with the amaryllis

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Then the amaryllis is still the perfect choice. A fabulous bouquet of white amaryllis with lilac and magnolia create the perfect mood in a flash.

Source and picture credit :Funny how flowers do that