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The flower of October

The flower of October – the beautiful Chrysanthemum!

Did you know that a particular flower in every month belongs? This month, the special October flower is the Chrysanthemum. The chrysanthemum is for many people a bit a dull image. What a shame, because this versatile autumn toppers have a lot more to offer. This is mainly because the chrysanthemum combines well with many other flowers in a bouquet, like roses and Anthuriums for a modern country look.
The chrysanthemum is a flower with lots and lots of variations. They are available in all colors of the rainbow, except blue. Naturally chrysanthemum is a round, bushy cushion of flowers, but you can also find her as pyramid or mini tree.


The meaning of this flower of October means that the autumn is arriving!
In addition, chrysanthemums means also nobility, loyalty, honesty and friendship. A yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes love and a white chrysanthemum stands for truth.Generally the chrysanthemum brings also joy and health in your home. Therefore, this October flower is a perfect gift for a birthday!

Combine the Chrysantemum!

The beautiful round shape Chrysanthemumis nice to combine with a square flowerpot. This then forms a playful contrast. You can also small chrysanthemums in a square pot plants for a hip look on your table!
Besides a simple pot, you can also make a wonderful autumn bouquet with the awesome october flower. Make this bouquet by combining yellow, orange and red chrysanthemums. Then you can place the chrysanthemums on your terrace or balcony, but of course you can even put the flowerpots of different sizes with chrysanthemums at the door.
If you find just chrysantemums in a pot too boring, try to combine a chrysanthemum with Carex or mini conifers,these gives it a country look to your terrace o balcony. To gve chrysanthemums a chilly to look, combine chrysanthemum over with ivy. Ivy tempers the chrysanthemum, and creates a graceful appearance.

Source : worldloveflowers