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September flower

September flower – the stunning Dahlia!
The special September flower is the Dahlia, did you know that a particular flower in every month belongs. I don’t know any flower with so many varies, as the Dahlia. There are very big Dahlia’s, but Dahlia’s can also be little. Besides the heights and sizes of the flower, the colors also varies.The color of the Dahlia’s are very omnifarious, from bright yellow, to bloody red. You might be surprised, if you see a Dahlia with an orange core, and white edges.
The petals of the September flower, are very eye-catching. Some flowers of Dahlia have only one row of petals, others have many rows petals. In addition, varies the shapes of petals – the petal can be round, oblong or rolled up. In other words, they are certainly an original September flower!

The symbolism of Dahlia

Could I have a ‘yours forever’ bouquet, please?
If you buy dahlias, you are buying more than just fantastic flowers.
The flower symbolises abundance, strength and the message ‘yours forever’. With the choice of so many colors and shapes, you can make the message even more personal!

A bit history!

Dahlia is originally from Mexico. When this flower is discovered, Dahlia was taken around 1800 to Europe. From that time Dahlia was produced by professional growers.
In Europe, the collection of petals is named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl, one of Carolus Linnaeus’ students.

What to do with the September flower?

It’s already September, so the summer is almost over. But take the summer back home with the dahlia, and make a nice summery bouquet. The dahlia is perfect to combine in a clean vase, along with dill, Snapdragon, Carnation, Sandersonia, delphinium, gladiolus and Lisianthus.
Furthermore, Dahlia is also fun to use as decoration for a cake, cakes, and pastries. You can serve Dahlias with cheese or desserts as a garnish. Remove Dahlia petals and add them to cereal or green salads there let the color of your meal pop!