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Princesse Claire baptizes Hippeastrum

Princesse Claire from Belgium has her own Amaryllis! Chateau Beloeil, March 2016, Since 1988, Chateau Beloeil, a medieval castle in Belgium and owned by the princely family of Ligne, is the host of a large amaryllis exhibition. The many beautiful rooms are decorated with thousands of amaryllis flowers in many colors and types. Right from the beginning , the family Berbee has been organizing this annual exhibition, in recent years in the person of Pascal Berbee.

The Baptizes

For several years Princesse Claire of Belgium (the sister-in-law of the King of Belgium) is opening this exhibition, as well last Friday. The naming ceremony took place after a tour around the various beautiful decorated rooms with amaryllis . On behalf of the KAVB (Royal General Bulb Growers Association), taxonomist Saskia Bodegom provided an explanation about the registration and naming of new varieties. Then the Princess, together with breeder Marko Penning, officially baptized Amaryllis ‘Princesse Claire’ with champagne. Pascal Berbee handed the princess a gift box containing a fresh bulb of the new variety. Finally, the official baptismal certificate was signed.

Amaryllis Princesse Claire

This new variety “Princesse Claire” , white with delicate pink stripes and a distinctive green colored heart, has beautifully shaped, large flowers and is especially suitable for pot culture.


Source and picture credits: Penning Freesia