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Peony Bulbs – smell of peony is delicious!

When the spring is here, and summer is ahead, time for the gorgeous peony bulbs! With more than 1000 sorts of peony flowers, they are perfect for in a big vase or just in your garden. Besides the varying sorts of the bulb, the peony has many charming colors. There are the colors, for example, candy pink, romantic white and bright yellow. Also, the smell of peony is delicious, and very attractive sweet.

Time for a bit history!

For over two thousand years the peony is used for medicinal purposes. Especially in China. There was the peony bulb used not only for the beautiful flowers, but also for its medicinal properties. That’s why she owes its name. This name refers to the Greek Paeon. Paeon was a student of the Greek god “Aesculapius”. Aesculapius was the god of medicine and Paeon learned a lot of him.

Be creative with Peonies!

The peony is a perfect flower for in your home! You can add several flowers in a vase, with varying colors. Just be creative! Take her away out of the romantic surroundings, and take a big bunch of peony bulbs, and combine them with Celosia or Akelei!
The peony bulbs has also a special symbolism. The flower represents love, happiness, health and protection. Such a special bunch of flowers complements any interior!

How to plant the peony bulb.

The best location for a peony is a sunny place. Make sure there is at least five hours of sunlight on that pitch. It is also important that there is protection from strong winds.
Let the peony bulb growing in deep, moist (but well drained) and fertile soil, this soil pH should be neutral. Add occasional organic material, such as dried cow manure. This benefited the ground. Don’t fertilizer more than every few years.
If the soil is very sandy, you can enrich the soil with compost. Tamp soil firmly. Water is very important for the peony, so water thoroughly!
There are two types of peony, tree and herbaceous. The herbaceous must be cut in October to a length of 3 cm. If you don’t, there is greater chance that gray mold forms there. By the tree peony, you cut off the faded flowers after blooming, just above the new growth.