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Paul’s Choice – My Favorite Amaryllis flowers!

About me: My name is Paul Romijn and am 46 years old. I live in Hillegom, the Netherlands (Holland).
For over 25 years I have been working with Amaryllis bulbs. The first ten years at amaryllis nursery of W.S. Warmenhoven and later with a amaryllis trader Floralia / Frans van der Vlugt & Sons. Next to my work with amaryllis bulbs I also had a big interest in the world wide web. I have learned myself to build websites and was one of my first web projects. And now I’m already working over 15 years with this beautiful company.


My connection with Royal Colors:

I’m founder of Royal Colors Amaryllis

My favorite Amaryllis are:

Nymph, Bogota, Evergreen, Barbados, Double Dream

Amaryllis Nymph (Hippeastrum Nymph)

The Nymph is a very special generous bloomer among the double Amaryllis hippeastrum flowers. A beautiful full white double flower with thin pink-red stripes. A true gem among the Amaryllis hippeastrum species. The Nymph has absolutely the most beautifully shaped double flowers.

Amaryllis Bogota (Hippeastrum Bogota)

This really is a very special exotic amaryllis hippeastrum species. The Bogota Amaryllis is named after the capital of Colombia. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful among the special amaryllis flowers. With his long, slender petals is a very elegant flower.

Amaryllis Evergreen (Hippeastrum Evergreen)

This pretty slim Evergreen Amaryllis with pulled back slightly spidery petals, in a particularly beautiful color celery-green with a green heart beating. The bulbs from Evergereen are very productive and give a lot stems. And each stem blossoms with a lot of flowers. Therefore, this evergreen is in my list of favorites

Amaryllis Barbados (Hippeastrum Barbados)

The name says it all, this Amaryllis hippeastrum species has an exotic appearance, making you feel the exotic temperature during the cold winter. The Barbados Amaryllis has a beautiful deep red color with heartfelt, thick white brushstrokes. The Barbados Amaryllis is also great as cut flowers and very nice for a vase. Each year around Christmas I have few stems in my home.

Amaryllis Double Dream (Hippeastrum Double Dream)

If you have a winter blues, looking at this Double Dream Amaryllis is the perfect cure.
The dreamy pink blossoms of ‘Double dream’ amaryllis let the sun shining in your the living even when it’s a cold and raining day (which we have a lot her in Holland).

Anything else you would like to share about Amaryllis:

It was very difficult to name some favorites because every Amaryllis flower is special to me. Even the older types such as Apple Blossom, Red Lion and Rilona are still pleasing to the eye. It continues to amaze me that a single bulb can produce such beautiful flowers.

The care that is given to cultivation of Amaryllis bulbs certainly contributes to the flowering results. I I will regulair visit an amaryllis nursery where these bulbs were harvested. I made a nice reportage which I will share on this website. So keep following us through the website or social media