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My garden is my little piece of Heaven.

Hi my name is Loretta Battles and I live in Houston, Texas and I am an Amaryllisholic.
I have over 62 varieties in my garden and I love them all. My addiction started over 15 years ago when my mom was moving out of her home and I dug up all ofher heirloom amaryllis bulbs.

Loretta Battles choice – My favorite Amaryllis flowers!

I’m very lucky that we can keep the bulbs in the ground year round and there is nothing more
beautiful than my garden in the spring when the amaryllis are blooming. Sigh.

I have even grown three amaryllis from seed by cross pollinating and they are absolutely beautiful.
I have already ordered 23 bulbs this season because I just can’t get enough of this magnificent flower.
My garden is full but I always manage to find a spot for just one more.

Thank you so much Loretta Battles for your interesting story about your favorite Amaryllis flowers, and for your beautiful pictures