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Keukenhof Amaryllis Parade – 2018

Paradise of Amaryllis flowers!

The flower combinations and their colors are stunning. This is my 4th time here but I still enjoy every time I been there.

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Are you also crasy about Amaryllis flowers?

“A must see for any Amaryllis flower enthusiast.” The amazing #Amaryllis Show 2018 at the Keukenhof!

Spring is clearly visible in Keukenhof! Crocuses color the park. The daffodils and early tulips carefully show their heads.

It will not be long before the hyacinths spread their delicious scent. It is clear, the park is about to explode! The colorful tulip and lissianthus show shows that it is a worthy flower show to kick off the season. (this show can you admire till March 27)

In the Alexander pavilion you admire the amaryllis parade, it’s amazing! With their showy and beautiful flowers. Each year the Parade Amaryllis is touted by all the flowers from fans around the world with the largest number of visitors in the world.
So it’s definitely worth a visit, perhaps you will meet us too! We are regularly found in the Keukenhof for taking photos and gain inspiration for the next season.

You can also discover in the Alexander pavilion hundreds of different kind of tulips flower in all imaginable colors, except tulips you can also.

In the Beatrix Pavilion you will find the largest Orchid show in Europe.