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Amaryllis Parade 2012 – 2011 – 2010

Featured Amaryllis flowers, Keukenhof Amaryllis Parade 2012!
Aphrodite; the goddess of beauty. This beautiful Amaryllis Aphrodite is called to the goddess of beauty for a reason.The green centre, and a pink outline makes this Amaryllis makes this bulb also a goddess of beauty.
Temptation; Give in to its tempting tempestuous charm, Temptation is a good name for this striking flower. It is white with diffuse raspberry to crimson splashes on its upper petals, less on its lower petals, variable crimson petal edges, a dark scarlet-red starburst and pink-to-white stamen. Exciting and tempting indeed.

Featured Amaryllis flowers, the Amaryllis Parade 2011

Grand Diva; The Amaryllis Grand Diva is a chic appearance. Which is mainly due to the true, deep, color.

Samba; This colorful flower is the Amaryllis Samba. The bulb has a white centre star, with white outlines.
Between the white is a true, wonderful red color

Rio Negro; The Amaryllis Rio Negro is adorable!
This bulb is very cheerful in the dark, snowy winter days.
It’s like the Mondrian watercolor flower.

Featured Amaryllis flowers, Keukenhof Amaryllis Parade 2010
Double Dream; As the name says, this Amaryllis is a double dream.
The double flowered Amaryllis Double Dream is a stylish shaped flower, with a dreamy pink color.

Magic Green; The Amaryllis Magic Green, has one of the softest green color.
The huge flowers are having beautiful crimson markings.
A green color, and crimson markings, makes this Amaryllis a magical Appearance.