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Its Symbolism

Symbolism of the Amaryllis Flower!
Although taxonomists and botanists may quibble over what exact species are amaryllises, the symbolism hasn’t changed much in centuries.

  • In antiquity, amaryllis symbolizes the blood of the love-struck nymph Amaryllis.
  • For the Victorian gentlemen, an amaryllis means a strong, self-confident and very beautiful woman.
  • A star-shaped or trumpet-shaped amaryllis also symbolizes pride.

Amaryllis Flower Facts

These spectacular flowers also have a few spectacular facts:

  • Not all of the flowers known as amaryllis in nurseries and florists are considered true amaryllises by botanists. The other flowers are in the genus Hippeastrum.
  • Other common names for amaryllises are naked ladies and belladonna lilies.
  • An amaryllis bulb can live up to 75 years.
  • Amaryllises are distantly related to lilies, which explain why many are shaped like lilies.
  • Some species of amaryllis grow flowers up to six inches in diameter.
  • Amaryllis flowers can attract carpenter bees. Bees are needed by the flowers for pollination.
  • Red amaryllises are often sold as alternatives to poinsettias around Christmastime.