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For brides who have their wedding on a winter day

For all the brides who are planning on spending the wedding on a winter day, a red amaryllis wedding bouquet can make a gorgeous selection. Usually known as the “holyday” winter Christmas flower, the amaryllis is definitely one of the most appropriate types of flowers for a cold season wedding.

Amaryllis Bouquet almost year round

Nevertheless, amaryllis wedding flowers can be found almost all year round, from October to April and that is why even spring time or summer time brides can opt for a beautiful amaryllis wedding bouquet.
These flowers are not that popular as roses, peonies, orchids, ranunculus or gardenias although they are pretty much alike. This rarity factor makes them so appreciated and unique among modern wedding flowers in general.

One can also find amaryllis flowers in splendid shades of white, creamy orange, pinkish hues, purple, cream, yellow or coral pink or orange. For a special bicolor wedding bouquet brides can opt for sensational white and red amaryllis wedding flowers or for white and pink amaryllis wedding flowers.

Red amaryllis wedding bouquets

But returning to our red amaryllis wedding bouquets we must say that not only winter time brides can choose to go with the red amaryllis type of flower. For brides planning an exotic destination wedding amaryllis make an ideal selection.
There is no need for the bride to add too many additional flowers because the amaryllis blooms are quite large and lavish on their own. In order to emphasize and highlight the splendor and magnificence of the red amaryllis flower blooms, brides should cut the stems as short as possible and incorporate them into hand tied round wedding bouquets like nosegays or posy style bouquets.

Combined bouquet

In case you do want to create a voluminous grandiose red amaryllis wedding bouquet you can add a few stems of gardenias, orchids, roses, peonies, anemones, magnolias, ranunculus, gladiolas, delphiniums, hydrangeas, stephanotises, calla lilies, lotus, hibiscus, plumerias, freesias, dahlias, tulips, berries, carnations or sweet peas. In general, amaryllis flowers are used in large tall arrangements without any extra greeneries, leaves, branches or herbs. For winter time weddings, a red amaryllis wedding bouquet with red berries can make a strikingly charming apparition.

Bicolor themed Wedding

For bicolor themed weddings, a white and red amaryllis wedding bouquet can look wonderful, especially for Christmas or for Valentine’s Day weddings. Yellow and white amaryllis wedding bouquets, purple and yellow, white and orange or pink and purple amaryllis bicolor wedding bouquets are also recommended for weddings planned with a bicolor scheme.

Glamorous Bouquet

For those who wish to make the red amaryllis wedding bouquet look more sparkly, more brilliant, glamorous and glittering, a beaded taffeta wrap can do wonders. One can also incorporate all kinds of monograms, sparkling wires, crystals, pearls, beads, sequins, gems, diamonds, brooches or rhinestones into the bouquet in order to make it more eye-catching and mesmerizing.

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