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DIY Create the perfect Christmas table

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to really let your imagination run wild when it comes to styling. Naturally, you want to complement your carefully prepared Christmas dinner with an atmospherically dressed table. A few candles, fresh flowers and luxurious tableware will soon create a lovely scene. But if you’d like some more ideas, read the tips below.

Choose a theme or a particular color pattern

It’s Christmas, obviously, but within the theme of Christmas there are still plenty of options. Think of the Eco Luxe, Unexpected Wild and Happy Life themes, for example. Or don’t choose a particular trend, but instead pick two or three colors that you display throughout your home, mixed together.

Opt for a really eye-catching style object

Of course there’s no limit to your styling, but don’t forget: you can have too much of a good thing! One impressive object often works best. How about a striking centrepiece on the table? Or go for a floating object, like in the photos. The amaryllis shines in this role.

Don’t just think about the table

Once you’ve got the dining table just the way you want it, look around and include the chairs in your creativity. After all, they also form part of your Christmas display. How about ribbons or cushions in matching colors? That way you can create a fantastic overall look.

Enjoy yourself!

Has your styling not quite turned out the way you expected or the Christmas dinner been left in the oven too long? In the end Christmas is all about atmosphere, cosiness and being together with friends and family. So just let it go, and enjoy yourself.

Happy holidays!

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