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Clever tips from the Amaryllis grower

We are happy to share our passion for and knowledge of this stately flower with you.

When does the Amaryllis flower? ‘The Amaryllis flowers all year round, but the real season starts in September and carries on into March, with the emphasis on November and December. In those months the flower is most popular.’

‘With an Amaryllis in your home, something happens every day’

What we can you tell you about the colors?

‘The colors bought most often are red and white, but there are also varieties in white-green, salmon-orange, salmon, lilac-purple, orange, dark red, pink and stripes. Did you know there are approximately 150 varieties of Amaryllis?’

What is it about the Amaryllis that makes it so special

‘Something special happens each day with the Amaryllis in your home. It’s a spectacular show; from the first flowers which open to the last.’

We have some care advice?

‘Most Amaryllis will look good for 10 to 14 days in the vase, dependent on the room temperature. To keep them beautiful for as long as possible you should:

    • Cut the end of the stem diagonally.
    • Pick a solid vase as the flower is quite heavy.
    • Place the flower in a clean vase of water.
    • Place it in a relatively cool position.’

    And finally: a hip styling tip

    ‘What people often do nowadays, is hang the Amaryllis from the ceiling. Because the stems are hollow and you can therefore fill them with water, in this way they will flower beautifully.’

    Source and picture credit : funny how flowers dot hat