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Amaryllis Flower shows

Where can you explore all the beauty of the Amaryllis!

There are many amaryllis flower show to see around the world ” You have to visit at least one Amaryllis flower show once in your live “

Philadelphia Flower show – USA

The Philadelphia Flower Show is the world’s biggest and oldest indoor show. It’s been happening since 1829 when members of the then-fledgling PHS thought it would be a good idea to show exotic plants from around the world.

Special included a wide variety of Japanese maples, double-flowered amaryllis, blue star Amsonia, asparagus shown ornamentally, a weeping pussy willow, dwarf flowering pears, a blooming bird of paradise, a purple-fruited strawberry, the biggest tulips ever seen, fabulous orchids and succulents used in many kinds of frames and in vertical walls.  read more……….

Keukenhof – Netherlands

Keukenhof is the most beautiful and famous spring garden in the world.
All those splendor colors, it’s a feast for the eyes.
In the spring there will be more than seven million flower bulbs bloom, and beware! well over 800 different kinds of tulips. But not only outside but also in the three specially designed pavilions, there are both different and permanent flower shows.

All the new and famous amaryllis and special Amaryllis flowers they all presented at the Keukenhof!
Each year the Parade Amaryllis is touted by all the flowers from fans around the world with the largest number of visitors in the world. Read more………

Castle Bijgaard – Belgium

Amaryllis flower show at the Castle chapel

Come at April, to see a constant stream of excited gardens.
It’s 14-hectare park, where are more than one-and-a-half million bulbs for its annual International Flower Exhibition.
Also present in huge numbers are narcissuses and dafodils, including rare varieties such as the papillon narcissus, as well as grape hyacinths, violets, azaleas and rhododendrons. Inside the park’s massive, newly restored greenhouse the flower arrangements will change weekly.

The castle’s chapel will be open as well, where stunning floral
arrangement of amaryllis, tulips, freesias and orchids are on display.
Even the dungeon gets a flowery makeover.  More information………..

Amaryllis flower show at the Prague Castle series

Praag, Tsjechië

Water at Prague Castle and hyacinths and amaryllises

There will be an exhibition in the Early Spring at Prague Castle series, which will be held in the Empire Glasshouse in the Royal Garden. This time it is devoted to the topic of water, hyacinths and amaryllises. Visitors will see the benefits and beauty of the castle’s wells, fountains, ponds and streams. Also the mediaeval water pipes, Baroque tunnels in the walls and various historical objects such as drills, pumps, spouts, fire buckets, chamber pots and toilets that are so important for life. Items from Prague Castle’s collections will combine with the floral promenade prepared by the castle’s gardeners. It will consist of a flood of flowering bulbs: thousands of intoxicatingly fragrant hyacinths and large amaryllis (Hippeastrum) flowers in many varieties.

Castle Beboeil – Belgium

The Amazing Amaryllis Exhibition at Chateau Beloeil

Since 1988, Chateau Beloeil, a medieval castle in Belgium and owned by the princely family of Ligne, is the host of a large amaryllis exhibition. The many beautiful rooms are decorated with thousands of amaryllis flowers in many colors and types.
The flowers are combined into sumptuous bouquets, strewn over the halls, dining rooms, ceremonial rooms and in the library of the Beloeil castle. A real spectacle for the eyes! More information………

RHS Chelsea Flower show – UK

The Chelsea Flower Show has been held in the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital every year since 1913, apart from gaps during the two World Wars.
It used to be Britain’s largest flower show (it has now been overtaken by Hampton Court), but is still the most prestigious.

“The Amazing Hippeastrum Show at Chelsea”
Dozens of red, orange and salmon amaryllis flowers, all hanging upside down from a grid.
We take a close up look at all the flowers on display at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The displays were just breathtaking and you’ll see in these photos that I was clearly drawn to the Allium and Clematis displays!! More information………

RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Experience the world’s largest annual flower show in the setting of the historic palace at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Marvel at the beautiful flowers in the rose marquee and the innovative conceptual gardens showcasing the next big names in garden design.
And explore the amazing Allium collection – beautiful, perfect round flower-heads – oh, I love Alliums !! – here they have been combined with enormous Amaryllis flowers in all colors, which we usually see at around Christmas time, not July ! More Information………..

More Flower shows where you can find the beautiful Amaryllis show and experience the beauty of the Amaryllis flower.

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