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Amaryllis Flower Color Meanings

Amaryllis are best known for sporting red or red and white blooms, but they also come in other colors. Some varieties are multi-colored. Color symbolism for the amaryllis can also be applied to many other decorative flowers.

    • Red: Means passion, love (whether requited or unrequited) and beauty. In China, red is a lucky color.
    • Purple: Some shades of purple amaryllis varieties are quite dark. Purple symbolizes not only royalty, but the spiritual side of life.
    • Orange: Means good health and happiness.
    • White: Means purity, femininity, children and innocence. White amaryllis that resemble lilies symbolize mourning for a loved one.
    • Pink: Not just for girls, but also for love and friendship for both genders and for people of all ages.
    • Yellow: They are a symbol for happiness, luck and good times ahead.

Meaningful Botanical Characteristics of the Amaryllis Flower

Unlike many other decorative flowers, there is no tradition of medicinal cures attributed to amaryllis flowers or any products made with amaryllis bulbs or plants. Flowers are used to make essential oils for perfumes and aromatherapy products. The scent is thought to both relax and energize.

Unfortunately, the flowers, leaves and bulbs are poisonous not only to people but to dogs and cats. Keep these plants away from the inquisitive mouths of children and pets.

The Amaryllis Flower’s Message

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!