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The Amazing Amaryllis Exhibition at Chateau Beloei

Since 1988, Chateau Beloeil, a medieval castle in Belgium and owned by the princely family of Ligne, is the host of a large amaryllis exhibition. The many beautiful rooms are decorated with thousands of amaryllis flowers in many colors and types.

The flowers are combined into sumptuous bouquets, strewn over the halls, dining rooms, ceremonial rooms and in the library of the Beloeil castle. A real spectacle for the eyes!

The exhibition delights visitors and floral fans as The princess des Ligne opens the doors of their house to 6000 flowers which are created into amazing displays by the artists.


The flower Artists.

The amaryllis flower decoration contest, which has been awarded a Eurometropolis label, will give you the opportunity to admire the creations of numerous flower artists, both amateurs and professionals. One thing is certain: it will be a very colorful exhibition. Your opinion matters! In addition to the prizes awarded by the jury, visitors will be able to vote for their favorite composition during the exhibition.

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Picture credits van der Ende Flowers and Les Souvenirs de Nina Eklablog