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How to care your amaryllis bulb

One of a kind! No other bulb can be brought into bloom as easily as the Amaryllis, and this can take place entirely indoors, and over an extended period of time. The Amaryllis whose botanical name is Hippeastrum, hails from the tropical regions of South America.

Growing location and care

Warmth is the most important factor for stem development. For this reason, place the pot containing the Amaryllis bulb in a warm sunlight place such as a windowsill. A normal living room temperature of 20º C / 68º F is perfect. Don’t water very much until the stem emerges. As soon as the bud and leaves emerge, the Amaryllis will require more water every day. Now, the stem will grow quickly. Once this process is complete, flowering begins. If the faded flowers are removed promptly, the Amaryllis bulb will not invest its energy in seed production and the remaining flowers will bloom for a longer time.

Helpful Tips

  • Choose firm bulbs and remember…….the larger the bulbs, the more flowers on the stem.
  • If the bulbs cannot be planted immediately, do not forget to keep them in a cool place.
  • Plant the bulbs in intervals of two weeks for consistently beautiful blooms in your room.
  • Plant in pot (with or without a drainage hole) and use nutritious potting soil.
  • And of course the most important thing …… enjoy your flowers
From bulb to sprout to full-bloom
From bulb to sprout to full-bloom