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Adorn your home with Amaryllis

Breathe warmth into your home this winter! Add a burst of warmth and color to your living space during the cooler months with the vibrant and versatile Amaryllis. As winter’s longest-lasting cut flower – lasting up to three weeks once cut – it’s a popular favorite for creative interior designs. Here are a few ideas to give you inspiration…

Simply elegant

The amaryllis looks a picture of elegance when standing tall in a long, slim glass vase. In other words, keep things simple and let those luscious petals do the talking. To keep the flowers upright, push a cane inside each hollow stem, stopping just short of the flower base.

Christmas color

If there is one flower that can hold its own amid all the color and sparkle of Christmas, it’s the amaryllis, making it the perfect flower of choice for a Christmas table centrepiece. Encase a red amaryllis in a glass vase filled with ruby-red glass beads and tied with ribbon. Or why not incorporate these red blooms in a Christmas wreath?

Fabulously flamboyant

Create a lavish winter arrangement to stand on the hearth, by teaming your amaryllis with branches of pussy willow. For a sprinkling of festive magic, thread the branches with small, white fairy lights and delicate, clear glass baubles.

Modern and minimal

For a more structured arrangement that would look great in a modern, minimalist home, tie a bunch of white amaryllis with white ribbon and stand in a short, square vase, filled with moss.

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