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Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market

Every year around the beginning of October there is the Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion at the Keukenhof.

Dozens of growers who have specialized in the cultivation of unusual species of bulbous plants, offer their products.



The color of the spring gives way to a market where reputable breeders show their bulbs. In the coming months there will be approximately seven million!! flower bulbs planted in the park.

Who plant flower bulbs in his own garden will go looking for unique bulbs can visit Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market. Keukenhof gardeners plant give demonstrations and the visitor receives useful tips and advice.



Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market is a term for anyone who is interested in gardening and flower bulbs.

An exceptional variety of bulbs, including many exclusive varieties, are offered by growers. You will receive a first-hand information on planting and caring for the different types of bulbs. Specialists tell you how to be at home most successful with bulbs. The bulb market is not only the market for lovers of special bulbs, also much attention is paid to the educational side.



Flower mosaic

During the Bulb Market the international bulb-growing season will be given its official start. Atmosphere now, color later!
The coming months a total of approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the park. Our gardeners will be giving planting demonstrations with useful tips and advice.

During the Flower Bulb Market the special mosaic in bulbs for the 2017 theme is presented. The Keukenhof theme for 2017 will be “Dutch Design”


Planting this flowers mosaic is also the start of planting seven million flower bulbs at Keukenhof.


Keukenhof 2017 is open from March 23 march till 21 may 2017.