Here’s the deal with growing the Belladonna

With this lily, good results often are a matter of luck Here’s the deal with growing the Belladonna Plant, also know as the Amaryllis Belladonna Lily … with this lily, good results often are a matter of luck. Good results with most kinds of garden flowers indicate gardening skill, but there are a few – … Continued

Propagation Of The Amaryllis Belladonna

Propagation of your current Belladonna Lily can be quite difficult   Sometimes the large mother bulbs produce small, side bulbs; you may remove this and do the same preparation for the new bulbs. Put them in separate pots with rich, sandy soil and wait for them to grow. It could take around 2 to 3 … Continued

Learn more about amaryllis bulbs grown in water?

Did you know that amaryllis will grow happily in water? By By Nikki Phipps (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)   Did you know that amaryllis will grow happily in water? It’s true, and with suitable care of amaryllis in water, the plant will even bloom abundantly. Of course, the bulbs cannot remain in this environment … Continued

Southern gardeners can enjoy using “The Southerner’s Tulip”

Grow Amaryllis in the Southern Garden by Barbara Sharf Southern gardeners can enjoy using “The Southerner’s Tulip” in our landscape design. Hippeastrum species and hybrids, commonly known as Amaryllis, bloom and thrive without the sub-freezing dormancy that is necessary for tulips, large-flowered daffodils, and other spring bulbs that are garden staples in colder climates.   … Continued

Learn How and When Feeding Amaryllis Plants

Learn How And When To Fertilize Amaryllis Bulbs from Amy Grant   Although amaryllis is a tropical flowering plant, it is most commonly seen during the winter months when it is often grown indoors. The bulbs come in a variety of shapes and brilliant colors sure to brighten the dreariest winter day. Care of amaryllis … Continued

The Amazing Amaryllis Exhibition at Chateau Beloei

The Amazing Amaryllis Exhibition at Chateau Beloeil Since 1988, Chateau Beloeil, a medieval castle in Belgium and owned by the princely family of Ligne, is the host of a large amaryllis exhibition. The many beautiful rooms are decorated with thousands of amaryllis flowers in many colors and types. The flowers are combined into sumptuous bouquets, … Continued

The Amaryllis are actually in the Hippeastrum family

The Common Names for Amaryllis   Many bulbs referred to as amaryllis are actually in the Hippeastrum family. The two families of bulbs have many similarities, both in looks and in growing habits. Hippeastrum are native to South Africa while amaryllis bulbs come from South America. True amaryllis bulbs often naturalize in outdoor locations, but … Continued

Amaryllis Belladonna is easy to grow

There are two phases of care for the Belladonna Lily   Belladonna Bulbs Need Two Phases Of Care There are two phases of care for the Belladonna Lily. The first is during its growth period, and the second is its rest period. The best time to start bulbs is in the late winter period. If … Continued

The Amaryllis Brothers and Sisters!

Which plants are related to Amaryllis Flowers   The amaryllis family is mostly native to tropical and warm temperate regions of South America and Africa. Flowers grow at the top of a long leafless stem, usually in groups but sometimes singly. Many kinds of amaryllis relatives (also called Amaryllidaceae) have white or light-colored flowers, but … Continued

Amaryllis Propagation is typically done by seed or by cuttage

How to Propagate Amaryllis   Amaryllis plants are members of the Amaryllidaceae plant family. These plants are prized by home gardeners for their large, showy flowers that range in color from crimson to white. Amaryllis are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11 and grow best in bright, indirect light … Continued

Amaryllis After Christmas — Now What?

“What the heck do I do with it now? Should I just throw it out?” By Steve Bender Everyone loves amaryllis. After it finishes blooming, though, you’re probably wondering, “What the heck do I do with it now? Should I just throw it out?”     The question from Debbie This was the question posed … Continued

For brides who have their wedding on a winter day

The red amaryllis wedding bouquets   For all the brides who are planning on spending the wedding on a winter day, a red amaryllis wedding bouquet can make a gorgeous selection. Usually known as the “holyday” winter Christmas flower, the amaryllis is definitely one of the most appropriate types of flowers for a cold season … Continued

Adorn your home with Amaryllis

Breathe warmth into your home this winter   Add a burst of warmth and color to your living space during the cooler months with the vibrant and versatile Amaryllis. As winter’s longest-lasting cut flower – lasting up to three weeks once cut – it’s a popular favorite for creative interior designs. Here are a few … Continued


Make your own beautiful Amaryllis arrangement!   In a post-holiday world, potted amaryllis languish forgotten and forsaken in the corners of every grocery store floral section. If you look past the holographic foil gift wrapping, there are some serious possibilities for unexpected and gorgeous arrangements when you boldly clip off the bloom. Now is the … Continued

What do you know about the Wax Amaryllis

No water flowers, unique, easy and beautiful ! Artistically eye-catching, the Amaryllis bulb with a creative Wax layer. Ready to use. The bulb flowers without water. Great to give, nice to have!   What’s so special about the Wax Amaryllis Nowadays there are even amaryllis bulbs with special, brightly colored or Christmas-shiny layer of wax … Continued

Hippeastrum or Amaryllis: What’s the difference?

When is an Amaryllis not an Amaryllis? When it’s a Hippeastrum!   No, this is not a lame Christmas cracker joke – it’s a centuries-old riddle that has provoked heated debate among some of the world’s leading botanists for centuries. The confusion surrounding the two genera stems from their complex history dating back to the … Continued

Style tips for your Amaryllis

Amaryllis styling from Christmas to Easter   When you have an Amaryllis you can style it in different ways: a single stem in a vase is lovely or you could make an imposing Amaryllis bouquet in one or a range of different shades.     Amaryllis styling from Christmas to Easter With a red Amaryllis … Continued

How to get a Free Amaryllis Bulb?

Would you like to know how to get a free Amaryllis…….   Will you be our new guest blogger? A new feature on our website is the sharing of your article about Amaryllis. Your blog will we publish on our website and share it via our Social Media.   Write about Amaryllis bulbs or flowers … Continued

A new bloom for everyday!

A grown up countdown to Christmas This alternative Advent calendar works in reverse: instead of opening a gift each day, you add a fresh bloom to the day’s pocket. As a result you will have a beautiful wall full of flowering festive cheer for Christmas. And after your Christmas dinner you can give each of … Continued

Bouquet inspiration for a sweet Christmas

Sweet XMAS: Go pastel!   Do you go all out celebrating Christmas each year? If you think about it, it’s really an annual birthday party, so go for it! Create an arrangement that looks good enough to eat.   Playful flowers create a new festive atmosphere Sweet Christmas is all about fun finds, garlands and … Continued

DIY Christmas table

Create the perfect Christmas table With amaryllis, for instance   Christmas is the perfect time of the year to really let your imagination run wild when it comes to styling. Naturally, you want to complement your carefully prepared Christmas dinner with an atmospherically dressed table. A few candles, fresh flowers and luxurious tableware will soon … Continued

The amaryllis Story of Mariana Greene “Gardening Fool”

Get your amaryllis potted! By Mariana Greene, The Dallas (Texas) Morning News. It’s time for the amaryllis ritual. Pot them now for blooms by Christmas. A few years ago, I bought extra because I couldn’t choose between less-common orange blossoms and the standard holiday red. Once I had them lined up in their clay’flowerspots, watered … Continued

Start Amaryllis in Fall for Christmas Blooms

9 tips to have perfect Christmas blooms!   The word “Amaryllis,” meaning dazzling, can’t even come close to describing how amazing these flowers look when they’re blooming.   Amaryllis bulb, Hippeastrum, is one of the easiest bulbs to grow indoors; but in order for you to have blooms by Christmas, it’s time to purchase this … Continued

How do you Amaryllis Planting Outdoors

Learn How To Grow Amaryllis In The Garden By Nikki Phipps (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)   Amaryllis is as popular a holiday gift plant as poinsettia and Christmas cactus. Once the attractive blooms fade, though, we’re left wondering what to do next. Of course, many people choose to continue growing the plant indoors, but … Continued

The cultivation of cut Amaryllis

Growth, rest and blooming at the greenhouse   Amaryllis is a bulb that blooms once a year. In nature, the crop and the bulbs grow in the summer, with new flower buds being created in the bulb. At the same time, the bulb stores a lot of spare food. This is necessary, because the crop … Continued

Amaryllis Flower shows 2017

Where can you explore all the beauty of the Amaryllis! There are many amaryllis flower show to see around the world ” You have to visit at least one Amaryllis flower show once in your live ”   Philadelphia Flower show – USA 11-19 March 2017 The Philadelphia Flower Show is the world’s biggest and … Continued

The Amazing Hippeastrum Show at Chelsea

RHS Chelsea Flower Show – Focus on the Flowers! The Chelsea Flower Show has been held in the grounds of the Chelsea Hospital every year since 1913, apart from gaps during the two World Wars. It used to be Britain’s largest flower show (it has now been overtaken by Hampton Court), but is still the … Continued

The History of the Amaryllis Flower

What do you know about the History of the Amaryllis?   Early History Some botanists believe that the Portuguese probably brought the amaryllis bulb to Europe around the early 16th century. It is not surprising that Portugal, Spain and Italy were among the first European countries to introduce the amaryllis belladonna, as it was explorers … Continued

DIY Crepe Paper Amaryllis

Lia Griffith crepe paper amaryllis makes a nifty little handmade hostess gift Yes! We’re back with one of our favorite crafts – paper flowers. Our crepe paper amaryllis makes a nifty little handmade hostess gift. It could also make the perfect handmade gift for your Mother-in-law, friend or neighbor. Or, if you love it as … Continued

Looking for unique bulbs

Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market Every year around the beginning of October there is the Keukenhof Flower Bulb Market in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion at the Keukenhof. Dozens of growers who have specialized in the cultivation of unusual species of bulbous plants, offer their products.     The color of the spring gives way to a … Continued

What does your favorite flower say about you?

Discover the meaning of your preference   Tastes differ – luckily! Your preference says something about you. Like whether you’re very outgoing, or more of a wallflower. What does your favorite flower say about you? We found out! Amaryllis You’re a proud person and like to go through life with your head held high. You … Continued

Princesse Claire baptizes Hippeastrum

Princesse Claire from Belgium has her own Amaryllis   Chateau Beloeil, March 2016 Since 1988, Chateau Beloeil, a medieval castle in Belgium and owned by the princely family of Ligne, is the host of a large amaryllis exhibition. The many beautiful rooms are decorated with thousands of amaryllis flowers in many colours and types. Right … Continued

The perfect flower for every mood

The amaryllis: festive flower par excellence   The amaryllis is the festive flower par excellence. With its enchanting beauty it can be very successfully styled to suit the required mood. And don’t just think of extravagant red amaryllises; restrained white amaryllises, for instance, also look beautiful. We’re happy to give you some inspiration.   The … Continued

White Amaryllis Wedding Flowers

amaryllises are even more attractive and fascinating than the queen roses or the ultra elegant calla lilies.   Modern brides who are planning a fabulous elegant all-white wedding might want to take a look at these fascinating white amaryllis wedding flower bouquets and arrangements we’ve posted on this page below. Amaryllises are among our most … Continued

Amaryllis news and Updates for September!

Hello Amaryllis Lovers, you have amaryllis flowers in your mailbox We have sent for the first time this season our newsletter, with all updates, tips and interesting information about Amaryllis flowers.   This time in our newsletter Our Featured Amaryllis We ship to more countries now Clever tips from the Amaryllis grower! Successful Blooming Bulbs! … Continued

The scent of the Amaryllis

Is the Amaryllis the next big flower in the fragrance world? The beautiful and majestic Amaryllis is undoubtedly best known for its vibrant and velvety trumpet-like flowers. But behind its bold façade hides this bloom’s best-kept secret – its mild, sweet and delicate scent. In contrast to its opulent appearance, the beauty of the Amaryllis’s … Continued

Looking for some warmth on cold days?

This beauty lends atmosphere to your home Looking for some warmth on cold days? Opt for the sparkle of the Amaryllis. This long-stemmed elegant beauty also does well in early spring, incidentally. Will you let her shine in your home as well?   Colors and shapes Have you ever looked closely at the petals of … Continued

Clever tips from the Amaryllis grower

‘With an Amaryllis in your home, something happens every day’ We are happy to share our passion for and knowledge of this stately flower with you. When does the Amaryllis flower? ‘The Amaryllis flowers all year round, but the real season starts in September and carries on into March, with the emphasis on November and … Continued

Successful Blooming Bulbs!

Why we start sending the amaryllis at the end of October?   Dutch Amaryllis bulbs are grown in greenhouses as the climate in Holland is too cold to grow them in the open air. In the greenhouses the growers can create the ideal conditions of the tropical area of origin (the Andes in South America). … Continued

Amaryllis planting

How to plant your Amaryllis bulbs   Forcing these wonderful flowers into bloom yourself is not hard to do and gives you lots of satisfaction. You don’t need much to get started, the effect is fantastic, and you will be treated to weeks of breathtakingly beautiful flowers. All Royal Colors Amaryllis are carefully prepared and … Continued

How to care your amaryllis bulb

Amaryllis care   One of a kind No other bulb can be brought into bloom as easily as the Amaryllis, and this can take place entirely indoors, and over an extended period of time. The Amaryllis whose botanical name is Hippeastrum, hails from the tropical regions of South America.   Growing location and care Warmth … Continued

The different colors of a Amaryllis flowers

There are many different Amaryllis colors   There are at least 500 different varieties of Amaryllis flowers. And there are many different Amaryllis colors too. Every year I photograph lots and lots of Amaryllis flowers at the Keukenhof Garden “the Amaryllis Parade” in the Netherlands and I can’t get enough of all the different shape, … Continued

Amaryllis follow-up care: worth the effort

How to flower your Amaryllis again (re-bloom)   Once the Amaryllis has finished flowering, you can get it to flower again (re-bloom) next year if you provide it with the right care first. After flowering, cut off the faded flowers and let the leaves continue to grow and develop. To encourage this, provide the plant … Continued

Awesome Amaryllis show at Keukenhof

The Amaryllis Parade   Keukenhof is the most beautiful and famous spring garden in the world. All those splendor colors, it’s a feast for the eyes. In the spring 2016 where there more than seven million flower bulbs bloom, and beware! well over 800 different kinds of tulips. But not only outside but also in … Continued

Amaryllis Parade 2015

The highlights of the Amaryllis parade Keukenhof 2015   Amaryllis Double Delicious (double delight) is wonderful because of its large double deep red flowers with a white star-shaped marking. The new Amaryllis Brazza is a strikingly large single flowering Amaryllis. Blooms with a huge intense raspberry pink color and a darker throat. Amaryllis Evergreen is … Continued

Amaryllis Parade 2014

Our finest selection at the Amaryllis parade 2014   Amaryllis Barbados This showstopper Amaryllis is called Barbados. It’s has a exotical red color, with a contrasting white star, a truly unique amaryllis! A potted amaryllis planted inside your home will give the cold winter days a warm, cozy feeling indoors. The flowers from this Barbados … Continued

Amaryllis Parade 2013

Amaryllis show Keukenhof 2013   The featured selection from the Keukenhof Amaryllis Parade 2013. It was a amazing Amaryllis flowershow.   Amaryllis Double Delight The extra impressive Amaryllis Double Delicious is conspicuous by its large double deep red flowers with a distinctive white stripe.   Amaryllis Ambiance The Amaryllis Ambiance is a red- white bulb, … Continued

Amaryllis Parade 2012 – 2011 – 2010

Keukenhof Amaryllis Parade 2012   Featured Amaryllis flowers : Aphrodite Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. This beautiful Amaryllis Aphrodite is called to the goddess of beauty for a reason. The green centre, and a pink outline makes this Amaryllis makes this bulb also a goddess of beauty.   Temptation Give in to its tempting tempestuous … Continued

Ruth Sykes Choice – My Favorite Amaryllis flowers!

The favorite of all is the one I bred myself, it is so outstanding..   About me: My name is Ruth Sykes and am 76 years old. I live in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. For the last 30 years I have a passion for every aspect of gardening, in particular cross pollination of different … Continued

What’s in a name Amaryllis, Amarillis, Amarylis, Amaryllus, Amaryllises!

Amaryllis or as it is officially named “Hippeastrum”.   For convenience, we will keep it in general usage and talk about the Amaryllis. What we noticed is that Amaryllis quite often written in different ways. What we noticed is that Amaryllis quite often written in different ways: Amarillis, Amaryllus, Amaryllises, Amaryllids, Amarilis, Amarilidaceae, Amarylis to … Continued

Paul’s Choice – My Favorite Amaryllis flowers!

Do you know what are Paul’s Amaryllis Favorite flowers About me: My name is Paul Romijn and am 46 years old. I live in Hillegom, the Netherlands (Holland). For over 25 years I have been working with Amaryllis bulbs. The first ten years at amaryllis nursery of W.S. Warmenhoven and later with a amaryllis trader … Continued